Spa Open Pitlane 2019 – 17 maart

Komende zondag 17 maart vindt de Spa Open Pitlane 2019 weer plaats. Net zoals in de voorgaande jaren zal u via Bravo gebruik kunnen maken van de mogelijkheid om met 1 inschrijving, met 2 wagens deel te nemen. (€300/wagen) De wagens zullen wel afwisselend de baan moeten betreden door middel van wissel van transponder/sticker. Gelieve uw inschrijving te doen op de website en dit ook kenbaar te maken bij voorzitter Filip Mahieu

Spa Open Pitlane 2019

In the world of historic cars, who doesn’t know the Spa Summer Classic in June and the famous Spa Six Hours in September ? These two events are run by the company Roadbook Organization, which will begin 2019 on March 17th at the Spa Open Pit Lane.

“Spa Open Pitlane” means that everyone can access on the most beautiful circuit in the world at any time. The track is accessible from 09am to noon and from 01pm to 06pm and drivers will get the opportunity to drive as long as they want with their old and / or modern cars (except minivan, SUV, motorhome, pickup truck and other vehicles with less than four wheels …). Competition vehicles are of course welcome except those with open wheels (“Open wheel” Formula – Single seater). Slick tires are allowed for competition mounts if they are equipped with an arch. Keep in my mind that the maximum sound level is 107 dB.

Excellent warm up to start the year while enjoying the very pleasant atmosphere of the event, the registration fee is 600 € (incl. VAT) per car. It includes four bracelets for as many drivers who can of course exchange the wheel while enjoying a slot in one of the F1 box. Finally, the passengers are allowed to board for free. In order to ride in ideal conditions, the number of participants is limited to 80.

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